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Dentistry | Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is maybe the most sensitive branch of stomatology. It deals with the treatment of mouth and teeth of children and patients of younger age and it includes:


•    Preventive treatment and medical treatment of children’s teeth
•    Fluoride therapy is the delivery of fluoride to the dental tissue, which makes the teeth stronger and more resistant, and thus decreases the possibility for cavities. Fluoride therapy is recommended to both children and adults.
•    Fissure sealants
•    Removal of soft plaque
•    Education of children about dental hygiene


Fissure sealants is a procedure that consists of covering the surface of the tooth that is firs affected by caries. Fissure sealants is delivery of the substance similar to the white fillings into the dents on the biting surfaces of teeth, most often the first permanent molars and premolars. It is recommended as one of the first treatments you should take your child to as soon as the first permanent teeth appear. Fissure sealants is a simple and painless procedure that does not interfere with the tooth structure, and without previous machine processing of the hard dental tissues.



Retainer application protects the teeth from injuries. They are custom-made for each patient, they come in different colors and your children will love them.


Pediatric and preventive dentistry

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Dental implants

Dental implants are cylindrical screws and posts that are built in the jaw bone and are used as a replacement for the natural root of the tooth.

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Ceramic crowns and bridges

Ceramic crowns are exclusively made of ceramics. For their great aesthetics they are very demanded and are a favorite choice for solutions with frontal teeth. 

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Ceramic facets - Veneers

Veneers are ceramic „flakes“ that get permanently attached for the visible, frontal part of the tooth.

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Metaloceramic crowns and bridges

Metaloceramic crowns have a layer of metal over which there is a layer of ceramics (porcelain) on every side.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done in two methods:whitening in the dental office and home teeth whitening.


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Root canal treatment

Inside the dental crown and rooth there is a nerv that can get sick due to the deep cavities or tooth injury.

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Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is maybe the most sensitive branch of stomatology.

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Orthodontics deals with correction of inborn and gained anomalies in teeth position...

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Total and partial dentures

Dentures are the solution for those patients that have lost all, or a big number of their teeth.

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Oral – surgical interventions

In our practice we can offer you all kinds of oral-surgical interventions with local anesthesia.

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Periodontology deals nowadays with something that is a leading illnesses of the oral cavity...

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Bio HPP bridges and dentures

Bio HPP bridges and dentures are prosthetic replacements made of the materiial which has in todays’ dentistry successfully replaced all other materials...

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